Investment Philosophy | Virtus International Partners

We seek to partner with people and companies with the vision, strong desire and ability to timely exploit attractive market opportunities, limiting the impact of the macro environments.

We base our investment decisions solely on key factors which we can control, and which will eventually deliver the expected returns during the business cycles.

We draft value creation plans, prior to any investment, with focus on high impact drivers and we take initiatives early in the investment period. We measure value on repeatable quality cash flows and sustainable return on invested capital.

We are data driven and invest only based on hypotheses proven by rigorous commercial due diligence. We never invest when there is no clear, detailed and agreed path of how value will be delivered.

Although we remain passive in the day to day operations, we are active in supporting the management teams to formulate winning strategies providing strategic insights, best practices and human and capital resources.

Based on investment experience, value creation and superior returns can be delivered only through control situations, especially in markets where legal systems may not support the enforcement of minority rights originating from the shareholders agreements.

Our team prefers proprietary deal origination and structuring and tends to avoid auction type processes.

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